Pledges & Promises

Coaches Promise

I will:

  • Plan my sessions systematically and in advance
  • Set up before the session starts
  • Welcome, train and say goodbye to my players
  • Act the way I expect my players to act
  • Create a positive and enjoyable and safe atmosphere
  • Give every player equal opportunities
  • Constantly assess myself and my work
  • Work on the details in every session
  • Keep myself educated on the latest training methodologies and updates

Players Pledge


  • Greet and say goodbye to teammates, coaches & parents
  • Are fair to teammates, opponents, coaches, officials & fans
  • Celebrate our victories and learn from our defeats
  • Always do our best at practice and in matches
  • Follow our coach’s instructions
  • Place family, health and school above Football
  • Place the team’s objectives above our personal desires
  • Live and love Football
  • Are motivated to learn: I want to get better
  • Are self-confident: I trust myself to use my abilities
  • Are fair: I do unto others
  • Are team players: I’m nothing without my teammates
  • Are loyal: I play for SEQFA
  • Are open to criticism: I know my coach wants to help me
  • Are creative: I have my own ideas and I share them

Parents Promise

I will:

  • Cooperate with the Academy to achieve the best outcomes for your child
  • Ensure all fees are paid by their relative deadlines
  • Support the academy in maintaining a safe & respectful environment
  • Maintain positive relationships with academy Staff regarding wellbeing
  • Encourage participation by your children
  • Provide a model of good sportsmanship for your child to follow
  • Encourage honest effort, skilled performance and team loyalty
  • Make any new parents feel welcome on all occasions
  • Support Sport Australia’s policy of a smoke and alcohol-free environment
  • Demonstrate appropriate social behaviours at events and competitions
  • Let game officials conduct events without interference
  • Demonstrate respect for opposing players and their supporters